Alat Uji Jatuh / Drop Tester

APLIKASI:- Menguji kuat mekanik mainan terhadap kejadian jatuh
- Untuk semua maianan kecuali yang disebutkan dalam klausul 5.24.3 (Mainan besar)
- Setelah pengujian, sample harus memenuhi syarat sesuai yang dijelaskan pada klausul 4
ACUAN: klausul 5.24.2, klausul 5.24.3, Klausul 4


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Except for toys covered in 5.24.3 (tip-over test for large and bulky toys), toys falling below the mass limits indicated in Table 4 shall be dropped onto a specified impact surface. The number of times the toy shall be dropped and the height from which it is dropped shall also be determined from Table 4. The toy shall be dropped in random orientation.
The impact surface shall consist of vinyl composition tile of approximately 3 mm nominal thickness laid over concrete of at least 64 mm thickness. The tile shall have a hardness of (80 ± 10) Shore A and the impact surface shall be at least 0,3 m2
For battery-operated toys, the recommended batteries shall be in place during the drop test. If no specific type of battery is recommended, the heaviest battery which is generally available shall be used.
After each drop, the toy shall be allowed to come to rest and shall be examined
and evaluated before continuing.


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